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Course MFE/3F is the ideal exam to take immediately after Course FM/2 since the MFE/3F Exam uses and builds upon significant amounts of the Exam FM material.

We update our MFE/3F Study Manual and other products every 6 months to reflect student feedback, to clarify explanations, to correct any typos, and to incorporate any changes in the required reading. 

Our Study Manual is available as a professionally printed, wire-bound hard copy or as an emailed file.

Please note that our MFE/3F Study Manual and MFE/3F Questions are sold separately. 

Our MFE/3F Live Seminars are sold through Actex and the Actuarial Bookstore.   

Our MFE/3F Online Seminar is sold through the Actuarial Bookstore and Actex.

Check our MFE Seminar page for more information about our seminars.

Students who register for one of our MFE/3F Seminars will receive a copy of our eStudy Manual

We also offer MFE/3F Questions, full Solutions, Flashcards and a Set of 4 Practice MFE/3F Exams.



02.21.14 Update

Live Seminar for Summer 2014

Our 3.75-day Live MFE/3F Seminar for the Summer 2014 exam cycle will be in Washington, DC from Thursday, June 12 - Sunday, June 15 at the Quincy hotel, which is located at 1823 L Street, NW, about 4 blocks northwest of Lafayette Square and the White House.

Students may register for the seminar with either the Actuarial Bookstore or Actex

If you are interested in attending this seminar but are not ready to register yet, please send an email to to be placed on the interested student list.

More details are available on the MFE Seminar page. 

Online Seminar

Our MFE/3F Online Seminar is a complement to our live seminars.  The online seminar is very similar to our live seminars.  Students may register for the Online Seminar with either the Actuarial Bookstore or Actex.  Please check our MFE Seminar page for more information.  


MFE/3F Live Seminars

For the Summer 2014 exam cycle, students may attend a 3.75-day seminar in Washington, DC.  Click here to visit our MFE/3F Seminar page.

Seminar students receive a copy of our eStudy Manual soon after registration is confirmed. 

If you have registered for a seminar and have not received an confirmation email about the seminar within a week after registration, please send us an email at  Sometimes firewall settings prevent emails from getting through, so if you have not received an email within a week of registering for the seminar, please let us know.

Our seminar handout, which includes a comprehensive review of important concepts, key formulas and over 200 exam-style questions with solutions, will be provided to students who attend one of our live seminars.  This handout is a very effective study guide for students to use after the seminar as you prepare for the exam.

Students may register for the live seminar with either Actex or the Actuarial Bookstore.

If you are not quite ready to register for one of our seminars but would like your name added to our list of interested students, please send an email to stating which seminar you would prefer.  Our seminars have filled to capacity before, so we recommend students register as soon as they know they will be able to attend.


MFE/3F Online Seminar

Our online MFE/3F seminar is very similar to our live seminars.  The online seminar also provides an intensive, comprehensive review of the required material that includes key formulas and concepts as well as over 200 exam-style questions with full video solutions.  The online seminar contains about 20 hours of video in 53 segments.  Students can watch the segments in any order and pause the seminar at any time.  Students can also view the online seminar multiple times.

Access to the online seminar will be extended for another exam cycle to students who do not pass the exam after purchasing the online seminar.

Students may register for the Online Seminar with either Actex or the Actuarial Bookstore.

Check our MFE Seminar page for more information. 

To watch a sample of our online seminar, click here.


MFE/3F Study Manual (electronic and printed versions)

The Study Manual is a comprehensive, stand-alone study guide.  The Study Manual provides a detailed explanation of the required material that helps you quickly understand the concepts as you prepare for the exam.

The Study Manual covers all of the Exam MFE/3F learning objectives with a special focus on:

The MFE/3F Study Manual is updated to incorporate student feedback and to clarify explanations where necessary. 

Our MFE/3F Study Manual can be purchased as either an electronic file or a professionally printed, wire-bound manual. The difference in price reflects the cost to print the Study Manual. Some students may want to order both versions if they are interested in having both an electronic and a professionally printed copy. Please note that due to the electronic nature of the eStudy Manual, returns cannot be accepted and no refunds for the eStudy Manual will be possible.

Please note that our MFE/3F Study Manual and MFE/3F Questions are sold separately.

The eStudy Manual is provided to students who register for one of our MFE/3F Seminars.  Otherwise, the eStudy Manual can be purchased separately.

Click here to purchase the:


MFE/3F Questions: approximately 650 exam-style practice questions

A solid understanding of the important concepts is crucial, but practice working exam-style questions is the real key to passing Exam MFE/3F.  That's why we provide additional worked examples and approximately 650 exam-style questions in our MFE/3F Questions. 

All of our practice questions have a difficulty rating assigned to them to help you gauge your progress.  Our questions are exam style in that they are multiple-choice questions, and their level of difficulty is similar to that of the actual exam questions.

Please note that the full solutions to the approximately 650 exam-style Questions can be downloaded for free from here or a professionally printed hard copy version can be purchased.

Click here to purchase our:


Complete Solutions to the MFE/3F Questions

Full solutions to the approximately 650 exam-style questions are available as a free download from the MFE Downloads page of our website, or a hard copy version can be purchased from either Actex or the Actuarial Bookstore.

Our solutions use the online normal distribution calculator with the rounding rule specified by the SOA, so you can work the practice problems using the same techniques that you'll use during the exam.


Free Email Support

Students who purchase our MFE/3F Study Manual or MFE/3F Questions are also provided free email support from the authors.  Our goal is to provide quick responses to the questions we receive, because we are dedicated to help our customers pass the exam.


CAS Exam 3F

The CAS 3F Exam is identical to the SOA MFE Exam.



The most recent errata can be found on the MFE Downloads page of our website.  Please check back periodically for updates.


Product Listing Summary

For Exam MFE/3F, we offer:







We also offer three different study combo savings packages:




Our Set of 4 Practice Exams are designed to be as close to the exam-taking experience as possible.  Not only are the questions exam-style, but it is packaged to look just like the actual exam.  The Set of 4 Practice Exams can be ordered as a printed product, an electronic file, or as a CBT online mock exam.  Students are encouraged to take the practice exams under exam conditions a few weeks before the actual exam to test their knowledge of the material.

Our Flashcards are printed on card stock and are approximately 4 inches by 5.5 inches.  The front of each card tests key formuals and important concepts, which are printed in full on the back of each card.  There are approximately 150 cards in our MFE/3F Flashcards.


For Exam FM/2, we offer a Set of 3 FM/2 Practice Exams.  Please visit our FM/2 Exam page for more information.


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Joe Francis, FSA, CFA and Chris Ruckman, FSA

Francis and Ruckman are the co-authors of Financial Mathematics - A Practical Guide for Actuaries and Other Business Professionals, which is an approved text of the Society of Actuaries for Exam FM and of the Casualty Actuarial Society for Exam 2.  The authors each have over 10 years of experience in the actuarial education field related to financial mathematics.  They also each have almost 15 years of experience working in the insurance industry.

Francis has been teaching MFE/3F seminars since the exam was introduced in 2007.  Francis also teaches financial mathematics as the actuary-in-residence at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne.


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